A Wooden Horn, for something or other…

October 6, 2011


I recently spent some time working with Justin Fitzpatrick on a kinetic sculpture which can be seen here and we are cooking up another project for some point in the future. I won’t say what it is but it continues on his theme of musical instruments, specifically horns. Horns are actually quite difficult to come by […]

The Epic Wardrobe

March 31, 2011


A while back my girlfriend moved into my house when her parents started renovating their kitchen and needed her room for storage. Now, she has an enormous collection of coats. Coats are her thing, she has over 40 of them. There was simply no way they were ever going to fit in my room. Thus, […]

The Single-blade Razor

March 23, 2011


Here is another project involving the clay pipe stem tubes. I personally am loathe to believe that one needs 5 blades on a razor and thus purchased a simple old-fashioned single-blade razor from Boots. It was cheap (about £5) and does the job beautifully. It did, however, come with a horrible plastic handle that somewhat lessened […]

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Re-made London Clay Pipe No. 2

March 22, 2011


This clay pipe re-make is a gift for my girlfriend’s mentor, the artist Sarah Hocombe. Sarah introduced her to mudlarking on the banks of the Thames and often paints frescos on brick fragments dating back to the fire of London. My girlfriend and I found the bowl for this one beneath the Millennuim Bridge on […]

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Reconstituted London Clay Pipe

February 15, 2011


The banks of the Thames are absolutely littered with bits of broken clay pipe. Being fragile and cheap they were cast into the filthy river when they inevitably snapped, like so many cigarette ends in the street. The stems of these are easy to find and it’s not difficult to find enough of the correct […]

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February 7, 2011


This blog exists simply to document the various things that I have and will make. Making has become a bit of a habit for me. The objects range from handmade knives which I learned to make during an apprenticeship when I was a teenager in Johannesburg, South Africa to wardrobes, beds, lampshades, re-assembled Victorian clay […]

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