I am an artist, designer and maker of things. I grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa where I spent much of my free time in the workshop with my father, a skilled carpenter, and as a teenager learned custom-knifemaking during an apprenticeship under master knifemaker Kevin Harvey. At 19 I moved to London, England where I have lived ever since. I completed a three year skills-based course in fine art at St Oswald’s School of Painting and am a practicing painter, sculptor and installation artist with a studio/workshop in Bermondsey. I work a three-day week as a graphic designer which just about pays for these rather expensive habits of mine.

The act of making has always been attractive to me as it is really just a process of figuring out how things work, you start with an idea of what the thing is for, what materials are available and how you want it to look. You then deconstruct these things until you understand all the simple, individual parts required to create the complex whole. It is a very pure mental and practical process. As a bonus you get something handmade and (hopefully) beautiful to enjoy at the end.

Most of the projects documented here are for personal use and enjoyment or just simple experimentation although some may be commissions or products for sale. If you are interested in anything you see here please do get in touch via the contacts page.


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